3D Cityplanner

The 3D Cityplanner is based on our 3D Geoviewer. With the 3D Cityplanner policy makers, directors, managers, urban developers and architects can get an insight into complex spatial issues.

All available data, mainly public sources, but if desired also from other sources, can be included. The 3DCityplanner delivers quick access to data, possibilities to combine data and presenting data in a clear manner. The effect is an optimal use of available data and this results in a responsible land use and management above and below ground.

More information

The 3DCityplanner offers:

  • An online 3D visualization of the project area, including existing buildings, vegetation, soil structure, cables, pipelines and underground constructions.

  • 3D layers with additional data. For instance zoning, cultural heritage, groundwater protection areas and pollution.

  • The option to define a project area yourself and design complete urban development areas. The tool is able to search public geodata servers. This provides a collection of base data of every area. The software converts this data to a 3D model which can be used in the viewer.

  • Worldwide data such as 3d Buildings and the possibility to add existing data, harmonize, combine and translate it (possibly using models) to information.

  • The option to add measures within the project are. These effects will be aggregated in finance, mobility, sustainability, livability and water.

View a demonstration movie of the 3DCityplanner here

The uses of the 3DCityplanner:

  • Collecting spatial information, combining sources and presenting it in a clear manner to the user.

  • Bundling information regarding above- and below ground areas (including all issues, possibilities and threats).

  • Checking feasability of choices (spatially and in policy) made above- and below ground (also in relation to each other).

  • Checking desirability of scenarios in terms of People, Planet and Profit.

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